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Beacon is a portal to health online applications for mental and physical disorders. A panel of health experts categorise, review and rate websites. These ratings are provided to you by Beacon along with the link to the site and information about how you can get access. Improve your health by undertaking programs that have been found to work! Current website categories: Alcohol dependence, bipolar disorder, depression, eating distress (body image, anorexia, bulimia), stress, tinnitus, weight and obesity, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, resilience, social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, pain and panic disorder.

Centre for Clinical Interventions

Welcome to the Consumer Resources section. InfoPax consist of a number of modules that you can complete online, or you can save the modules to your computer and work through them onscreen in your own time. Alternatively, you can print out the modules and work through them by hand: Topics include: Assert Yourself, Back from the Bluez, Building Body Acceptance (Body Dysmorphia), Facing your Feelings, Helping Health Anxiety, Improving Self-Esteem, Keeping your Balance, Overcoming Disordered Eating, Perfectionism in Perspective, Panic Stations, Put Off Procrastination, Shy no Longer, What! Me Worry!!

Federation eHEalth

We are currently offering five self help programs, freely to the general public. Two of these programs are aimed at decreasing anxiety and or depression (LIFE FLeX) or benzodiazepine reduction and withdrawal (BDZ eHealth). The other three programs are designed to provide people with some tools to improve mental and physical wellbeing (iChooseWelliMindTime and THRIVE)

Get Healthy

We offer free and confidential telephone-based expert advice and plenty of motivation to help you find a healthier, happier you.

Head to Health

Australia has great mental health services and resources, but it can be tough finding the ones that suit you best. We’ve made your search easier by hand-picking resources from publicly funded providers.

Living Life to the Full

Living Life to The Full On-line is a  life skills resource. The course has been written by a psychiatrist who has many years of experience using a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach and also in helping people use these skills in every day life. This is a free program and very good.

Living Well Feeling Well

The Living Well Feeling Well is an internet-based program for adults (18 yrs and above) that teaches skills to improve your mental and physical wellbeing and to cope with challenging situations.


Learn new skills to stay positive despite life’s ups and downs using a newly developed internet and mobile phone self help program. You will have seven weeks to use the program in your own time, accessing activities and information to help you learn new skills to feel better and stay better. You will also receive feedback on your low mood, anxiety and stress at the end of the 19 week study.

Psychologist Tools

PsychologyTools was set up in 2008 by Dr Matthew Whalley, a Clinical Psychologist working in the UK, as a way to develop and share materials useful to psychological treatments.


Counselling OnLine

CounsellingOnline is a service where you can communicate with a professional counsellor about an alcohol or drug related concern, using text-interaction. This service is free for anyone seeking help with their own drug use or the drug use of a family member, relative or friend. Counselling Online is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across Australia.

Gambling Help Online

‘Talk’ to someone online now about your decision to change, or even if you are just thinking about your options. Online counselling provides free and immediate access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a qualified gambling counsellor.  This service can be accessed from anywhere in Australia, at a time that suits you.

On Track

The OnTrack programs have been written by psychologists at QUT. They are all free, and use methods that have been shown to work. You can use the programs at your own pace, at times and places that suit you. The programs are interactive, and help you learn skills to manage your own problems. Focus on psychosis, alcohol and depression.

Quit Coach

QuitCoach provides you with a personalised quitting plan. It creates this plan based on your responses to questions about your motivation, confidence and past attempts. It is designed to provide useful advice wherever you are on your quitting journey.

Reduce your Use

If you think your cannabis use is a problem for you, then this free online program may help you to cut back and even stop your use altogether. We provide you with advice and support throughout the course of the program as it progresses over six weeks. Take the first step to reducing your use today. Sign up now and get started immediately.


Mental Health Online

This is a comprehensive online mental health service offering information, assessment, online diagnosis and treatment programs (“eTherapy”) for the anxiety disorders:-Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Disorder with or without Agoraphobia.


e-couch provides evidence-based information about emotional problems (including depression and anxiety disorders) and teaches strategies that may help you to prevent problems and understand yourself better.


The eCentreClinic is an Internet-based research clinic. We develop and test state of the art free online treatment programs for people with anxiety disorders (GAD, Social Phobia, Panic Disorder, PTSD, OCD), depression, and other conditions (Chronic Pain). eCentreClinic is a not-for-profit initiative of the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. The eCentreClinic was previously called VirtualClinic. Since 2007, we have completed 26 clinical trials, and have treated more than 1,640 Australian adults.Please take the time to learn more about the eCentreClinic and the available online treatment courses by clicking on the tabs (above). Or, take a tour of the eCentreClinic.


Free self-help anxiety course. 9 gentle exercises (5-20 mins each). Access to free educational resources. FearLess teaches Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) skills.The full protocol consists of 9 missions.


MindSpot Clinic is a free telephone and online service for Australians with stress, worry, anxiety, low mood or depression. We provide mental health screening assessments, therapist-guided treatment courses and referrals to help people recover and stay well.

OnTrack Programs

The OnTrack programs have been written by psychologists at QUT. They are all free, and use methods that have been shown to work. You can use the programs at your own pace, at times and places that suit you. The programs are interactive, and help you learn skills to manage your own problems. Focus on psychosis, alcohol and depression.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

This online MBSR training course is 100% free, created by a fully certified MBSR instructor, and is modeled on the program founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

The Panic Centre

The Panic Centre offers personalized, interactive tools that have helped thousands of people challenge and overcome their anxiety and panic. They also offer the Panic Program, an interactive online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) course. Registering gives you posting privileges in the anonymous online support group.

 This Way Up

THIS WAY UP is an Internet-based learning program to treat anxiety and depressive disorders. Courses are based on the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for individuals who experience sadness (Depression), shyness (Social Phobia), panic (Panic Disorder) and worry (Generalised Anxiety Disorder).

The Depression Centre

The Depression Center offers personalized, interactive tools that have helped thousands of people challenge and overcome their depression. We also offer the Depression Program, an interactive, 16-session cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) course. We invite you to read more about the program and tools, or if you are ready, go straight to the free registration. Registering also gives you posting privileges in our anonymous online Support Group. Very good site.

Virtual Clinic

Welcome to the VirtualClinic – the Internet-based Research Clinic that develops and provides free online education and treatment programs for people with anxiety and depression.

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My Trauma Recovery

This is free and is designed by experts in the field of trauma psychology. The My Trauma Recovery site helps recent trauma survivors understand common stress reactions that may occur after experiencing a trauma, and helps survivors to learn better ways to cope with these reactions.



StudentBodies is for women at risk of eating disorders and helps them improve their dietary practices, attitudes to the body, and improve body image satisfaction.  The intervention comprises 8 structured weeks of readings and homework tasks aimed at consolidating information and enhancing perceptions of the body.  The program also includes an online self-monitoring journal, exercises to produce behaviour change, and a discussion board for emotional support.  The program uses text, audio and video.

Bulimia Help

Subscribe to Bulimia Help (it’s free), and see what exactly what works for bulimia recovery that you can start applying to your life. You’ll also get new insights and useful strategies for recovery.

Centre for Clinical Interventions – Overcoming Disordered Eating

This information package is designed to provide you with some information about disordered eating – how it develops, how it is maintained, and strategies to start to change the problem behaviours associated with disordered eating.  It’s organised into modules that are designed to be worked through in sequence.



This site is an online self-help tool for people with bipolar disorder.  Material used in this website is based on an effective face-to-face group program found to be successful in reducing episodes of illness.  for more info go to

Beating Bipolar

Beating Bipolar is a free web-based programme designed to help you better understand and manage bipolar disorder. It includes videos of professionals and people with lived experience of bipolar disorder as well as interactive exercises that many find helpful to manage the condition and its symptoms.



OCD STOP is a free online psychological treatment specifically targeting obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The program is completely confidential, and you can continue with other treatments. The program consists of 12 modules, and you will complete one module per week for the duration of the program.


eCentreClinic – Pain course

The Pain Course is a free, online and internet-delivered pain management program designed to provide good information about chronic pain and to teach practical skills for managing the impact of pain on day-to-day activities and emotional wellbeing. It is designed to reduce the impact of chronic pain on peoples’ day-to-day lives, and improve emotional wellbeing and overall quality of life.

This Way Up: Chronic Pain – Reboot

The course takes a multidisciplinary approach to pain management and is based on the effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model. In this course you will learn CBT skills to help better manage your chronic pain and improve your quality of life.

Mind Spot Pain Course

The Pain Course is an internet-delivered pain management program for adults aged 18 years and over. The course aims to help people with chronic pain manage the impact of pain on their day-to-day life and their emotional wellbeing. The course is not designed to ‘cure’ or ‘treat’ pain but to help people manage pain and maintain a good quality of life despite pain.


ParentWorks is a free online program for Australian parents and caregivers of children 2 to 16. It provides evidence-based parenting strategies to improve parenting skills, confidence and child behaviour. This means that the strategies in the program have been tested and found to work. Parents and caregivers may find this program helpful for: Managing challenging child behaviours such as tantrums, aggression, noncompliance, inattentive or hyperactive behaviour, sibling conflict, getting ready for school and/or bed, and behaviours outside the home.


OnTrack Programs

The OnTrack programs have been written by psychologists at QUT. They are all free, and use methods that have been shown to work. You can use the programs at your own pace, at times and places that suit you. The programs are interactive, and help you learn skills to manage your own problems. Focus on psychosis, alcohol and depression.



SHUTi is an interactive, online program designed to improve the sleep of adults with insomnia. It has been proven in clinical research trials conducted at a major university to be highly effective in helping individuals who are experiencing sleep difficulties.


Clear Your Vision

Do you think you have a problem with cannabis? Are other people telling you that you have a problem? This site may be able to help you take steps to change.

The BRAVE for Social Anxiety Project

The BRAVE Program is an interactive, online program for the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety. The programs are free, and provide ways for children and teenagers to better cope with their worries. There are also programs for parents.

This Way Up:  TeenSTRONG

Navigating the teenage years means facing many challenges, like dealing with worry and sadness. Sometimes these feelings can stick around for longer than expected and become distressing, uncontrollable, affect everyday life, relationships, health or self-esteem. To help equip young people (aged 12-17), and their parents, with proven and effective tools to transition into early adulthood, and better cope with these feelings, we have created the TeenSTRONG program.


SuperBetter helps you achieve your health goals — or recover from an illness or injury — by increasing your personal resilience. Resilience means staying curious, optimistic and motivated even in the face of the toughest challenges.

MoodGYM Training Program

Delivering cognitive behaviour therapy for preventing depression.

OCD? Not Me

Online OCD treatment program for young people aged 12 – 18. An eight stage program developed by researchers at Curtin University. This program also provides support for families.


Workout is an online training program that tests and improves your mental fitness. Kick start your brain with training programs that are fun, easy to understand and improve the quality of the mind.

Youth Beyond Blue – The Desk

The desk aims to support Australian tertiary students to achieve mental and physical health and wellbeing. Being a student can be a challenging time and many students do not access support services for a range of reasons including time pressures, not knowing where to go for help and feeling embarrassed. Providing resources online means that more people will be able to get help to improve their wellbeing and be able to study more effectively. thedesk offers free access to online modules, tools, quizzes and advice.


Wellbeing Toolbox

The Wellbeing Toolbox is an interactive on-line resource designed to help veterans, serving members and their families who are concerned that they’re not travelling too well.  This might be related to problems at  work, at home, with friends, or in the transition from military to civilian life.  Or it might not be related to any of these things – you might just have some concerns about how you’re feeling or your general wellbeing.  The Wellbeing Toolbox provides a set of interactive online tools to help with problem solving, building support, helpful thinking, getting active, keeping calm, and sleeping better. Each module takes you through some information and then guides you through strategies to build skills in the particular area.!/home